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Vegetable Surgery

After a summer away from the wonderful purple carrot farm I have returned to campus at long last. It seems to have been quite a successful season so far with veggie sales to the student center and the regular farm stands, well done to Jaymee and Rachel! On this third day back in the dirt … Continue reading

Working Title

With so many projects we’re working on, we’ve faced a certain challenge: things to call them. The problematic projects in particular: the coop and the farm (the garden is growing up!). The only good name for the coop, which we’re not even taking seriously, is the BeSt Coop – short for Bennington Student Coop. But … Continue reading

Winter Work Party

Even if there is no snow on the ground and temperatures are edging on the unseasonably warm side, it is still winter. Today was a cold day – especially after yesterday’s sojourn into spring – but we had a work party in the garden nonetheless. Professor Kerry Woods, who organizes the community garden, has been … Continue reading


We’ve got a work party tomorrow in the garden at 1 pm, to clear all of the structures from the space and tidy things up before the plow comes. Also, meetings are still on Tuesday nights and all are welcome! From 8 until 9, we will talk about the coop, and after that we’ll work … Continue reading


So, as you may or may not know, we do a whole lot more than garden here at Bennington. The Sustainable Food Project is also trying to start a coop, we’re going to have a film series this term, and who knows what else! We want to record all that we’re doing – not just … Continue reading

Squash Harvest!

We did it! We pulled it off! All of our hard work we put into the squash was worth it. We harvested all of our squash yesterday for the Dinning Hall and boy did we have a lot! Our estimated weight is around 740 lb of squash! We had literally a truck load! Bennington College, … Continue reading

School Year

School started here about three weeks ago, and so a lot of our focus has shifted from the garden to schoolwork and other projects. But there has been a lot of great things going on. Every Sunday, we have had a solid group of volunteers out to help us. Here’s a picture from last Sunday! … Continue reading


It was two weeks ago now that Julia, the awesome media specialist from over in the Communications office, visited the garden armed with her cameras. When the new website launched last week, Bryan and I discovered ourselves just a few clicks away. Bryan’s picture is featured on the A Bennington Education page (that’s him in the side … Continue reading