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The tomato plan…

The tomato plants have been our pride and joy this summer. They are growing beautifully and literally brimming with green tomatoes (don’t worry we have stakes to remedy that!). Yesterday morning Jaymee and I arrived at the garden to find our first ripe tomato of the summer. We happily split it then and there, and … Continue reading

Harvests galore!

Working a new, and much larger, plot of land has been a challenge for Jaymee and I this summer. The combination of a late planting start and a very dry summer has provoked a kind of urgency in us as we have raced about making sure all of our crops receive the adequate water and … Continue reading

Solstice Party

Wednesday (June 20th) was the first official day of summer! In celebration of the occasion Jaymee and I invited friends to the garden for some work, food, and music. Unfortunately, the weather on Wednesday was a little too warm (over 90 degrees!) for us to ask our friends to pick up some shovels and get … Continue reading

Shovel by Shovel

Transforming a once a upon a time hay field into a successful farm is both exciting and challenging. We have planted a variety of seeds and our crops are in progress. We planted 50 asparagus root bulbs and are looking forward to the tasty harvest in three years (upon our graduation date, 2015). Well worth … Continue reading

Dirt Divas

Hello to summer and our readers! This blog post is the first of many to come this summer as the Purple Carrot Farm begins its first season on our new (and bigger!) plot of land. We have a quaint half acre vegetable garden and herb labyrinth on Bennington College’s campus, located behind the Ohio parking … Continue reading