Build A Pea Trellis

Build a Pea Trellis:

We built a few pea trellises back in June, but faced with filling up the garden before we run out of time (for so long we thought we would run out of space!) we’ve put more peas in around the circle. This time, we documented the whole process so that you can do it along with us! Woooo!


  • Wood stakes (the same ones we used for the potato towers)
  • String (we used a plastic twine this time, but we used clothe the first time and liked it better)
  • Something to bang the stakes into the ground (a hammer, a large rock, whatever you like)

First, find a place where you want this to go. Weed it, hula hoe it, rake it… make the ground nice for the potential peas.


Next, space the stakes out in the space. Ours are 2 1/2 or 3 feet apart in a nice curve to outline the circle, but yours don’t have to be! Straight lines, triangles, circles, zig-zags, and shapes of your own creation are all acceptable.

Make sure that the stakes are stable and really in there!

Ones the stakes feel sturdy and are nicely spaced, start tying the strings to the stakes. We tied knots onto the two exterior stakes, and just wrapped the string around the middle stake a few times, as you can see in this picture:

We started at the bottom and worked up, spacing the strings 8 inches or so apart. I had some problems with that this time though. You want to tie the strings pretty tight, just so that everything stays sturdy. But when I was doing that this time, I noticed that when I tied a new string, the one below it would get limper, presumably because the tight strings were tying the stakes closer together. I am not sure if this was because of the different kind of string (I don’t know why it would be) or because I was trying to tie them tighter, but something wasn’t working out. With enough fiddling, though, they all turned out pretty taut.

When all of the horizontal strings are tied and situated, start doing a few vertical ones. I did two between each of the stakes. We secured them in a way similar to how we tied the strings to the stakes, tying knots at the top and bottom:

And just wrapping the vertical string around to horizontal string once:

And voila!

Next, just plant your peas right under the bottom string, like so (we’re spacing them pretty close together because they haven’t been germinating very well):

Water and you’re done! Beautiful! Our peas are already starting to creep up the other trellis, so we will update you soon when they are totally covered.

One thought on “Build A Pea Trellis

  1. Just what I needed! Thanks! I had an ugly rolled up piece of recycled woven wire fence, but it was being unruly and well…curly. This will solve my problem quite simply!

  2. I am going to try the string ideal this year, keeping my peas off the ground. I’m hopping that this will work. I do have a question though, is the vertical string nesary?
    I thank you for the ideal, God bless your harvest this year.

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