We refer to our garden a lot, and things like ‘The Circle” and the sculptures, but you don’t really have any context for where those things are. To take care of that problem (and to keep clear in our minds what we planted where), we made this handy map on the chalkboard in the living room of the Townhouse.

The NERD on there is permanent, and Mara wanted us to recognize where her plot is on the map. We didn’t mean for it to look like we were just calling her a nerd. It’s a little chalky and so not perfectly legible. Let us know if you are curious and we can share more information!

Maps, Summer 2010

These maps were created for the purpose of planning the plot, the 30′ x 60′ area in the Bennington College community garden we have to work with. Forest drew them out on newsprint during the early stages of the summer. A final map representing the current layout of the garden is coming soon. The following pieces do not attempt in any way to portray accurate proportions. Click for full view.

June 14

The numbers in boxes represent "date planted."

June 07

In this, red means "to-do", black is "already done"

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