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Brown Bag Lunch at Bennington

On Wednesday Dining Services hosted a mini “farmers market” of sorts on campus. We were invited to sell some of our produce and made $13! The following are some pictures from the event. They grilled meat and vegetables from local farmers.

Meteors tonight

Anyone who is around Bennington is welcome to come to Shingle tonight around midnight for corn on the cob or grilled corn while hoping to catch some meteors. All corn will be from our garden.

Our first attempt to make soy milk

A few weeks ago during some down time in the Admissions Office Emi announced, as it is the only true way to describe any flow of words from her mouth, that she was going to make soy milk. “You want in on it?” she tossed over her shoulder while doing some background research on different … Continue reading

Log: July 5

It’s going to be in the 90s this week, with a chance of rain over the weekend. A significant amount of weeding got done over the weekend as well as new plants were put in. There is now a chocolate mint plant in-between some corn. Two lavender plants have been planted by the herbs. More … Continue reading

Log: Monday, June 28

Rained over night, ground quite wet. Wildflowers have about doubled their size in one week, leaves look in great condition. Bush basil looks larger; leaves towards the bottom are darker than the ones at the top. Nasturtium has many more leaves. Cilantro appears to have  fully flowered. Basil looking good, continue to grow. There are … Continue reading

Log: Sunday, June 20

1pm arrival to the garden Greeted by snails at the entrance, bees jumping on the ground, and flies hovering around the plants. A cracked robin eggshell amongst the tomatillos, a blue feather by the corn, and some shells by the broccoli make me think the garden’s had visitors lately. Apart from this the basil is … Continue reading