The Farm

Garden as of May 28, 2010.

From the proposal for a student garden, Spring 2010:

The Bennington College student garden will serve as a living, working example of the connection between the land and our food. The garden will be a resource for students, faculty, staff and Bennington community members. We see the garden as an educational tool, used to spread knowledge of sustainable farming practices, as well as  an experiential and self-guided classroom. Not only will it serve Bennington College students in their education, but it will also be an outlet for community outreach, connecting summer garden interns with youth programs and local non-profits; strengthening communication, collaboration, and education between Bennington College and the greater Bennington community.

(Read the full garden proposal)

In the spring of 2010, a student group called the Bennington Sustainable Food Project submitted a proposal to the college’s Sustainability Commitee asking for official support for a new student garden. A plot in the college’s already-existing community garden would be provisioned for student use. Two paid student interns would be hired to plant, weed, watch, read, reach out, and think the summer long.  Members of faculty and staff would act as advisors to the interns, who would in turn find ways to make the garden part of the community in the town of Bennington.

The proposal was accepted, and a pilot was set up. Two interns, Emi Reyes ’12 and Forest Purnell ’13, were hired. Soil was tilled, seeds were planted, and here we are.

In Spring 2011, two more interns were hired: Bryan Markhart ’13 and Sofie Sherman-Burton ’12. The garden has grown from a sixty by thirty feet last year, adding another 30 x 30 foot plot. The garden is located next to the Stickney Observatory.

Most seeds were donated to the Bennington Sustainable Food Project by the Vermont-based organic seed company High Mowing. To find out what is in the ground, keep reading.

This blog is a chronicle of activities, thoughts, and images surrounding the garden. We hope to keep daily field logs, as well as a running anthology of food-related news, essays, articles, literature, poetry, and more. Of course, we will also be posting pictures. Visit frequently to stay up to date on our work.

Garden as of August 4, 2010

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