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The Last Log

Well, perhaps not the last log. The weather has turned fall-like, and the garden sits appropriately full and green and heavy upon the earth. There will still be the harvest to record, and the cooking, the eating, the talking. In just the way that the fruit of the tomato, or the pepper, or the squash … Continue reading

Giuseppe Arcimboldo: The Greengrocer

via Wikipedia: Giuseppe Arcimboldo (also spelled Arcimboldi) (1527 – July 11, 1593) was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books — that is, he painted representations of these objects on the canvas arranged in such a way that the whole … Continue reading

Saturday Poem

Making Cider by Vita Sackville-West I saw within the wheelwright’s shed The big round cartwheels, blue and red; A plough with blunted share; A blue tin jug; a broken chair; And paint in trial patchwork square Slapping up against the wall; The lumber of the wheelwright’s trade, And tools on benches neatly laid, The brace, … Continue reading

Eating The Work

The last week has been full of activity and edibles, two things that have always gone well together for as long as life has existed. Those of you following the twitter feed might have noticed the frenzy of weeding, mulching, and clover-covering that has been taking place since Saturday. Finally, with the seeds of our … Continue reading

Mulch Pile

Today on my way to the garden I noticed this pile of mulch in the middle of a field. It’s made of dead leaves, twigs and pine needles. How strange and fortuitous.

Clover Undersowing This Wednesday

Hello, Come to the student garden this Wednesday (the 4th) at 6:30 PM to help undersow clover seeds. In two weeks, these will grow out into a bright green “carpet” that, in addition to being nice to sit on, will add nitrogen to the soil and keep weeds down. There will also be a group … Continue reading