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Happy Earth Day Week!

On Saturday four Bennington ladies celebrated earth day at the Walloomsac Farmer’s market by painting fruits and veggies on children (and each other) and by planting seeds with kids at the market. We had a wonderful time and left with a bag full of chard and beets and carrots and potatoes of course.  cozied up … Continue reading

Originally posted on Computing for Sustainability:
New (Dec 2011): “Sustainable Lens: A visual guide” published by NewSplash available through Amazon. How to convey the essence of sustainability in a few sketched lines?    I’m wading through the net and my bookshelves to find examples of the genre.    I’m looking for schematics of the notion of sustainability itself…

Purple Carrot Pre-Spring Update!

Today’s farm meeting was charged with positive energy and intention as we talked about our goals and how we’re going to reach them, laying down ideas for this week, this season, and the broader future as well. We discussed our vision for the farm and more firmly establishing its role in the school, both from … Continue reading

just cuz

stay tuned for more on maple and its importance to the state of Vermont. Kaya Lovestrand talks about her ecology project on maple trees and climate sensitivity.

Maple Sugaring

Has it been three weeks since we’ve been on campus already?? I know its super cheese to say, but it really is crazy how time flies. The Bennington Sustainable Food Project has been up to a lot, with meetings throughout the week, and plenty of plans and projects being set into motion. One truly delicious … Continue reading