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Garden Gangsters Free Style

I sit here mid-winter reminiscing about the summer on Purple Carrot Farm when Rachel and I felt spontaneously motivated to write a garden rap probably after receiving too much sun . So here it goes… Check out my beets yo! See how they grow yo! Everyday we weeding. Yeah, everyday we weeding. Dirt Divas welcome … Continue reading

The Bountiful Harvest

 Here we are winding down the summer days and transitioning into the crisp cool Vermont autumn. Students have arrived back on campus and the first of the  Bennington Sustainable Food Meeting was quite successful. Only 70 people showed up…! The garden is in full bloom and our harvest is generous. We have an abundance of … Continue reading

Farm Stand

Currently the Bennington Sustainable Food project is one of the most active student groups on campus. We are continuously organizing campus wide food related events. We are learning how to be conscious about the resources here on Bennington College’s campus, by hosting gatherings that build community through food. In past terms we have held various workshops, invited special guests … Continue reading

Bring in the DREAM team!

We have been working with a program called DREAM, where children from the Bennington community join us in the garden twice a week. The kids have their own plot in the garden and have been watching their food grow from seed to fruit. They visit Purple Carrot Farm and are excited to see how their sunflowers, rainbow carrots, lettuce, and nasturtiums … Continue reading

Cover Crop

Earlier this month we turned the land that we are not currently cultivating into cover crop! By seeding organic matter, like alfalfa and buckwheat, as our cover crop we hope to add nutrients back into the soil, so the land will thrive for next year’s cultivation. The idea of a cover crop is to increase … Continue reading

An eye for an eye… and the whole world goes blind

We have been passing our summer days singing work songs and diggin’ potato trenches. This year we planted 5o lbs. of potatoes as one of our focused cash crop. A generous farmer Bruce at Reid Weatherby Farms just south of the village of Cambridge in NY, donated 15 lbs. of Red Pontiac potatoes he had leftover from his operation. We also wanted to … Continue reading

Herb Garden Labyrinth

Another addtion to Purple Carrot Farm is the 40×40 ft herb garden designed in the shape of a spiral labyrinth. Jaymee Weaver created this space for her Advanced Project in Enironmental Studies in hope to demonstrate that many plants growing around us have healing qualities. The raised beds consist of a variety of 15 different medicinal herbs and the … Continue reading