Garlic harvest

That’s the trunk of my car, post-garlic harvest. Bryan, Joe and I sat on the porch in the evening and braided the heads together, and yesterday Joe and I strung the bundles up in the shed to cure. They seem to be keeping the mosquitoes away which is great because they LOVE the shed. I … Continue reading

Farm updates!

We were on the admissions blog! Garlic, which is planted around winter time, reaches a stage of maturity where it starts to produce “scapes.” The scapes are curly tubular things which sprout from the middle of the plant. Eventually they become the plant’s flower, but you can cut them off to force the plant to … Continue reading

Early blight on our tomatoes and eggplants

Our eggplants and tomato plants have been looking a little yellow. We thought it was just a nutrient thing, so we sprayed them with a little fish emulsion. They haven’t improved much. We remembered yesterday that a lot of the tomatoes last season were lost to blight. Some Googling revealed that that’s probably what’s going … Continue reading

Irrigation! and progress report

Big day today. Joe’s first full day of work (he went home for a couple days at the end of the semester) and it was great to have him back. I got him caught up on what Carl taught me in the past couple days, and we got the irrigation system Carl designed up. I … Continue reading

strawberries n mint

    As I was weeding just before dusk today I saw the strawberries are starting to come to fruit! Also, there’s a whole lot of mint growing in the wedges in the front garden. We’ve been behind on weeding with all the work we’ve been putting into planning, the seed order and planting schedule, … Continue reading

Work Party at the Purple Carrot Farm

It was a lovely and cloudy day on May 12, 2013. Everything was so lush because of the recent rainfall. Despite the beauty of the day, we got our hands dirty as we weeded and fertilized the soil. Here are some black and white photos, which I developed in the darkroom, of that day. Enjoy! … Continue reading

We knew this would happen

As I was taking out Sawtell’s compost on Wednesday I saw that the wind the night before had blown it right into the middle of our pizza (the round bed in the front of the garden). Luckily nothing got broken—no tears in the plastic, no bent pipes. Bryan wasn’t at all surprised when I called … Continue reading