Busy farm stand, squash harvest, rye planted…

Look how busy our cart was on Friday! We sold a ton of squash, beets, popcorn, garlic, kale… We’re going to be selling from 11:30ish – 2pm every Friday outside of commons.


Our meeting and work party today was also super productive. I’m constantly amazed by how proactive and productive everybody is, it’s really amazing. We have some really enthusiastic people taking charge of projects brewing up including…

  • Concerts in the garden
  • A cob oven (we’re really going to do it this time we swear)
  • grains (quinoa or sorghum?) and a drying shack

A lot of the people working hard on these projects are first-years, which is really incredible. These people just got here and dove in head first. Our work parties have been really well populated too. Speaking of which, we totally crushed it today. We’ve got a ton of squash now curing in the window at the library (see below), and a bunch of spinach and kale transplants started. We’ve also got the whole north half of the field (aside from the areas in hoops) planted in rye.

IMG_0796 IMG_0797

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