Who would have guessed that the beginning of term would take up all our time and cause us to neglect the blog?

So far this season we have produced 217.15 pounds of food that we remembered to weigh! And we’ve sold roughly 125lbs of that to dining services, with plenty more (we hope) on the way! A good portion of the rest was sold from our cart (which now sells in front of commons!), and some of it was prepared for a little picnic we had just before classes started, to thank the students of the summer community who were so supportive to us farm interns.

What else is going on?

  • We had a presence at the orientation tent, and a good showing of first-years and returning students at our first farm meeting and work party of the term last Sunday. We’ll be having those every week from 12-2pm in upcafe (dirty work starts at 1 on the farm). Seems like this year’s entering class has a really strong interest in food and ag.
  • Valerie Imbruce’s Agroecology class will be working closely with the student garden throughout the term. Our first big project is to work on season extension using hoops. It’s a low-cost, low-input method of increasing production. Pictures on the way whenever someone thinks to take them.
  • Carl’s draft horse Annie has paid us a couple visits, and done us the great honor of cultivating the north half of the field.

Things to remember!

  • Sundays: Farm meeting at 12pm in upcafe, transition to work party on the farm at 1pm, work til 2pm.
  • Fridays: We sell our veggies from a cart NOW IN FRONT OF COMMONS, not by the flagpole. Pay-what-you-want (like a Radiohead album) 12pm-4pm
  • We’re getting hella integrated with the curriculum and college community.
  • check this blog and our twitter (@benningtonfarm) for updates!

P.S. Are there any architecture students in need of a project with practical applications? We should talk…

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