Mid-August Updates

Wow, so much going on! We farm interns are busy people right now (or perhaps men of few words?), so we’ll have to make do with bullet points.

  • We’ve begun selling our produce to Dining Services, including 25 lbs of kohlrabi and 30 lbs of bok choi! Kerry (the new student center manager) is really excited about feeding people our vegetables.
  • Joe wrote an article for the Bennington Free Press about us.
  • Carl is coming back, and he’s bringing his draft horse who will be staying in the stables at the Taraden during term, and maybe helping us with some plowing. Carl has also graciously offered to take care of things on the garden so that Joe and I can take some time off before school starts.
  • Another work party tomorrow from 1-2pm!
  • Rumor has it there may be a very based harvest dinner on the way…

There’s so much more going on but it all blurs together. Come chill with us on the farm Sunday and I’ll tell you all about it.

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