Hooray for Baby Kale

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted last, so here’s some fresh-from-the-garden news of what’s going on with Purple Carrot Farm these days!

It has been a truly action-packed week, filled with agricultural ecstasies and cosmically wavy wibes. We kicked off with a rain-hindered work party on Sunday, had a great time planting carrots, spinach, and more with some kids from DREAM on Wednesday, sold 11 pounds of baby kale to the dining hall today (thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) the cart will be out and open for business at usual from noon to four O’clock in the afternoon. 

I’ll speak for myself and say that talking with Kerry from dining services was the most exciting part of the week. On Thursday a venerable Bennington alumnus, Bryan Markhart, brought Kerry out to the farm to chat with Brendan and I about getting produce to the dining hall. Kerry was very enthusiastic and seems committed to creating a strong and streamlined connection between dining services and the student farm. Brendan and I will now be communicating with him on a regular basis coordinating dining hall purchases so that when our squash for example is ready to harvest, all of it will get bought by the dining hall and YOU will get to eat it (if you’re on the meal plan I mean). We made the first transaction of the summer this Thursday morning with an eleven pound sale of baby kale. You bet that’s a lotta kale!! Our hope is that as we work with the dining hall we will be able to interact with greater frequency and effectiveness to the point where the student farm is an integrated part of the food we eat Bennington. What could be better than eating a meal that your friends grew?

So come grab some veggies at the cart, every Friday, noon to four, pay-what-you-can, deliciousness! And come on down to a work party, every Sunday, one to two PM, lots of freakin’ fun, hoorah!

– Joe


P.S. It looks like a thunderstorm coming, but we’re still planning on opening the cart today somehow. Perhaps a change in location? Check our twitter for updates (https://twitter.com/benningtonfarm#) – Brendan

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