Cart days & work parties

Wow, us farm interns have had busy days since we last caught up! Joe and I are both working at the Youth Agriculture Project in town, which is also where Bryan has been working since he graduated this spring, and I’ve been doing some research assistant work for faculty member Valerie Imbruce. Between our many jobs and everything else life has to throw at us, we’ve had to shift into overdrive to give Purple Carrot Farm the love it deserves. Even so, there’s been a lot of exciting stuff going on and we’re stoked to share it with you.

First harvest and market

This past Friday Joe’s friends from high school came up and helped us get ready for our first harvest and market day. That morning we yielded about 4 lbs of chard, 1.5 lbs kale, and 2-3 lbs of bok choi, and left some in the ground for a second harvest (hopefully we’ll sell some to dining services). Then from 12-2pm we set up the cart and sold the greens as well as pickled garlic scapes and the maple syrup. We sold out of the scapes, and we only have three pints of maple syrup left. A few notes on the cart sales:

  • We’re going to try staying open another two hours. Catch us Fridays from noon to 4pm by the flagpole to buy food grown right here on campus.
  • Feeding people is way more important to us than making money, and we know it can be difficult to afford real food from a farmer you trust, especially as a college student living away from home (that’s exactly what we are). That’s why all our prices are suggested donations, meaning our produce is available on a pay-what-you-can basis.
  • We believe in transparency. Here’s our sales spreadsheet.

Work parties

The amount of work we need to get done this time of year is ramping up, and we’re realizing we’ve got a lot of friends in town over the summer. We’re going to try starting up weekly work parties just like we do them during term. Every Sunday at 1pm, head down to the Ohio lot to work and party. Get dirty, make food.

That’s it for now you guys. Cook food, eat well, be happy and keep it 100.

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