Our Lovely Volunteers

Since the start we have been blessed with many wonderful volunteers in the Student Garden. With our great showing at the first real work party, and then the many people that have come to help us out in the garden so far this summer. It’s really great to see so many people excited about the garden. It makes the work that much more enjoyable. We really appreciate you all!

Bogdan is our number one volunteer (so far…). He has been here for two and a half weeks visiting Sofie (his girlfriend) and has been out in the garden with us every day except for one. He is a fun loving boy from Portland, OR who has done lots of great work in the garden. He helped a lot in preparing all of our bed space, weeding, and many other jobs that we have needed done. He also build all of our rock lined paths. The garden would not be where it is now with out him.

Karina, a recent graduate from Bennington, is still in the area until July. She was instrumental in founding the Bennington Student Garden a year ago. Karina, Bogdan and Tyler weeded five of our six butternut squash rows yesterday. She is truly a pleasure in and out of the garden.

Casey Taylor, the Bennington College Environmental Science Junior Fellow has also been in the garden. She helped us weed a lot of squash as well. See this article about her on the Bennington Environmental Studies blog.

Mara is another student and good friend of ours. She helped us a lot in the beginning of the year with the squash beds and also gave us six of our tomato starts. Now she is busy with her own garden plot. She is a great neighbor in the garden.

Tyler is a fellow student at Bennington and an active member of the Bennington Sustainable Food Project. She helped a great deal in getting the garden going for it’s second season. She is working at Pompanuck Farm in Cambridge, NY for the summer and is planning on volunteering for us periodically throughout the summer.


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